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The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross

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389x30 1982-1994 16:9 Contact us
Bob Ross offers soothing words of encouragement to viewers and painting hobbyists in this enormously popular series which has captivated audiences worldwide since 1982. It is the most-watched, most-recognized television art program in history. Ross is a virtual cult figure, with nearly 1.5 million Facebook followers and 3,000 instructors, globally. His soothing, nurturing personality is therapy for the weary, and his respect for nature and wildlife helps heighten environmental awareness.

In the series, Ross demonstrates his “wet-on-wet” technique, which eliminates the need for each layer of paint to dry. In real-time, Ross creates tranquil natural scenes, including his trademark “happy” clouds, cascading waterfalls, snow-covered forests, serene lakes and distant mountain summits. Many of Bob’s faithful viewers are not painters at all. They are relaxing and unwinding with Bob’s gentle manner and encouraging words, captivated by the magic taking place on the canvas.

THE JOY OF PAINTING is carried by nearly 95% of all public television stations throughout the United States, accessing more than 93.5 million households, and has been broadcast in foreign countries as well, including Japan, Mexico, The Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Turkey, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Costa Rica, Canada and many others. For the first time ever, the series is being made available in digital file format, to inspire a new generation of viewers.

A 1x60 biography of Bob Ross is also available: BOB ROSS: THE HAPPY PAINTER

Although Bob passed away in 1995, he's still popular on social media!

Facebook: 1,576,263 Followers
Twitter: 31,711 Followers
Instagram: 192,000 Followers
Twitch: 1.8 Million Followers

Produced by Bob Ross, Inc., 1982-1994.

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The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross - Episode Descriptions - Seasons 2 - 31.pdf

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